Various methods of exercising

dumbbellsYet another principle is the distinction between various methods of exercising.

Exercises can be divided up into 4 categories:

1) Dumbbells and barbells

2) Fitness machines

3) Cables

4) Body weight.

You will understand that for the proper development of your body it is necessary that all of the above methods of exercising be included in your training. They each have their own specific strong and weak points.

legs, one leg calf raises

 By putting together a balanced combination of dumbbell/barbell exercises with exercises using fitness machines, cables and/or body weight exercises it is possible to compensate for the disadvantages and enforce the advantages.

Dumbbells and barbells. 

Dumbbells and barbells are often referred to as ‘free weights’. Dumbbell/barbell exercises are particularly suitable for the development of muscle co-ordination and muscle balance. They provide a unique freedom of movement while performing exercises.

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