How much weight?

stack of weightsHow much weight should I use while lifting? There is a short answer to this most frequently asked question: Every human body differs in strength when compared to others.

Therefore you should find out for yourself by trial and error where the limits of your own strength when lifting lie.

Especially during the first few weeks of weight training you will have to try and determine where the limits of your individual muscles lie.


 It is important to carefully write down for each individual muscle where its limits are when doing specific weight lifting exercises.

triceps, close grip pusdowns

An example to illustrate how to determine these lifting limits.

Let us take bench-pressing, for example. First do the exercise lifting only the empty bar. The empty bar may weigh up to 20 kg and without any added weights most people can easily do the exercise. Next add on 5 kg discs, one to each side. This will already be quite a bit heavier … nevertheless, with some difficulty you manage to do approximately 10 repetitions. Add a further 2 ½ kg disc to each side. With much difficulty you can now manage about 6 to 8 repetitions.

This amount of weight should then be noted on your workout schedule as your maximum bench-pressing weight. This amount becomes your starting weight for the last two sets of your bench-pressing exercises to be noted on your daily printout for your next chest workout to lift.

triceps, one arm pushdowns

Next time you do bench-pressing exercises try to increase the weight on both sides by adding on 1.25 or perhaps even 2.5 kg discs.

triceps, dumbbell kickbacks

By taking small steps at a time your muscles will in the long run become much stronger. It is therefore better to take many small steps than a few bigger ones. This slow approach prevents injuries during lifting and, more importantly, disappointments.

triceps, close grip bench presses

 The joy of weekly successes – even though they may be relatively small victories – will keep you motivated for a long period of time!

triceps, overhead barbell extensions

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