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barbellBoth fitness and weight training are in essence very simple. But in this case simple does not mean easy!

Using the basic exercises given on this website it is impossible to grow stronger without your body as a whole at the same time becoming more impressive.

When exercising with weights it is important to constantly increase the amount of weight you are lifting and to always do so in a disciplined manner. In this connection it is important that you select a handful of basic exercises to work with over a longer period of time.

 If you do not grow stronger and/or bigger while seriously engaging in weight training, something is wrong with the combination of your training, sleep and diet.

 Please remember that a universal training method does not exist. Neither is there any training routine which can be repeated year in and year out with equally good results.

However, you may use the basic system given on this website as a starting point, but as you progress you should supplement and adapt your training.

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