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"Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skill, great exercises, really well presented, I'm looking forward to getting some results from them, thanks again appreciate it heaps mate."

Paul Smith (Australia)

"I'd like to thank you for all your help. It is nice to see that there is still people out there that care. All your information is going to be a great asset to my training."

John Hrabovsky (USA)

"The sheets really came in handy, thanks a lot."


"Your charts have been a big help to me and to my trainer. I am down to 192 lbs.; and increased chest to 44 inches with drop to 35 1/2 inches on waist. Anyway, thanks for your help so far."


"Thanx very much for supporting me. I would like to inform you that I have been following your charts that u sent me and they were really usefull."

Ahmed (Pakistan)

"It was great full of urs to send me this tricks but I would be very kind if you send me more tips & tricks regarding exercise with a scheduled timetable for exercise also send me the diet necessary for good health cause I live in india and there is no good stuff like yours."

"Thanks very much for those sheets, I really appreciate it. You know, when I started those exercise for the first day. I cant walk properly the next day! I found my muscle just grew numb! wow! Anyway, I will work on some that you have given me. Thanks very much for helping."

Phil (Australia)

"I have got to tell you how much I appreciate you sending these emails out to me. It is like a whole new world that I have found through you! I am only in the beginning stages of working out but these emails and your website have kept me very well informed. I am traing on the recommended beginner schedule of 3 days a week. Monday-Wed-Fri. Just in 3 weeks, I'm already noticing results! I am also eating 50 g. of protein and 1 banana after each workout. I am also stretching as well. Boy, what a difference that makes!

Tobias.... Keep up the great work! I´ll keep on the diet and training and if you would like
to see some results, I'll send some pictures when the time is ready. Thanks T-"

Jeremy Hydle (USA)

"Thank you for every detail this have been very help full not only me my guys who ar in the gym and also the trainers look amazed by the sheets they all so have a idea about the beginning level of weight lifting once again thank you very much for the sheets I hope that I will hear more from you."


"Thank you for being so understanding, I appreciate it."


"Thank you for offering me all this fantastic literature on body building. it is much appreciated. i am a very keen and dedicated individual when it comes to weights. Thank you once again for your support."

"Thanks for sending me these exercises, they're very helpfull. Some of them I already knew how to do, but some I've never seen before..."

"Thank you for helping me with those excercise pages i now know more than i did. It has helped me a lot. Once again, thank you."


"Sorry I haven't answer to you sooner. I have downloaded the sheets and I will start the training as soon as possible. If I have any questions I get back to you for the answers;-) thank you very much for everything. Talk to you soon."


"I have received the three sets of exercises you sent, THANK YOU! I am exercising at home and it really helps to have information on the proper way to do the exercises. If you have additional instructions on exercising the other parts of the body please send them to me. Once again THANKS!"


"Thanks for all your help...I am very impressed with your information."


"Dear sir, I have already downloaded Workout Manager. The program is good and simple to use, especially the videos which are great for the beginner. However I expected the wizard to contain a much bigger variety of ready made workouts, or maybe an option to download more workouts from the website into the program.

Please, I would like to be informed if there are future upgrades to the program."

Simon Caruana