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vitamine CNowadays vitamin C undoubtedly is the most well-known of all vitamins. Almost everybody knows that fruit is a good source of vitamin C.

The two most important functions of vitamin C are the formation of ‘collagen’, which is needed for the production of connective tissue (connecting muscle tissue to joints) as well as for protection against free radicals (harmful substances in the body).
Vitamin C’s functioning as an antioxidant is in fact its most important feature as compared to other water-soluble vitamins.

Vitamins speed up the healing of wounds and even of burns due to the fact that, as we have seen, it helps forming connective tissue. Organs and tissue, such as bones, teeth and skin, are very dependent upon the formation of ‘collagen’. Vitamin C collaborates with other vitamins. It is needed, for instance, to activate certain vitamins of the B complex. In addition, it regenerates the functioning of vitamin E, even after E has neutralized ‘free radicals’ in the body.

Intensive training is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand you have to exercise to stay fit, on the other hand exercising increases oxygen-assimilation, which in its turn stimulates the production of ‘free radicals’ in the body. Research has shown that the intake of food supplements, such as vitamins C and E taken together, substantially reduces the production of free radicals. Research has shown that an intake of 500 milligrams of vitamin C two hours before exercising helps to prevent muscular pain.

 Include a good vitamin C supplement in your diet! 

Vitamin C can be found in: citrus-fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and potatoes. One kiwi, for instance, may contain nearly 100 mg. of vitamin C.

One thing is certain: vitamin C is secreted within 12 hours. It is therefore preferable to take vitamin C twice a day.

It is probably best to take at least 1 gram or 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day. Especially when you have to perform in stressful situations, or if you don’t get enough sleep or are exercising intensively, you may increase the daily dosage up to 4,000 mg.

You will feel a lot better during the day if you take such quantities of vitamin C. Such quantities will also prevent typical symptoms such as colds and will increase your resistance against flues and suchlike ailments.

Author: Tobias van der Avort

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