carbsCarbohydrates are the main suppliers of body energy. 

They also add volume to a meal filling the stomach and giving you a sated feeling. Subsequently during the digestive processes the most important kinds of carbohydrates – better known as starch and sugar – are broken down to form glucose or blood sugar.

Blood sugar produces the important energy required by the nerves and brain. To prevent the tissue building proteins contained in your food from being used for energy supply, you add carbohydrates to your diet.

Carbohydrates are just as important for your health as fats and proteins. It is recommended to make sure that at least 50% of your daily food-intake consists of carbohydrates. Preferably complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are found in:

  • potatoes
  • vegetables, fresh unpeeled fruit, dried subtropical fruit (tutti frutti, raisins etc.)
  • legumes (brown and white beans, marrow-fat peas and common peas)
  • rye bread, wholemeal and brown bread
  • wholemeal products such as oatmeal, muesli, wild rice, maize, whole-wheat macaroni
  • nuts, peanuts and flaxoil. Simple carbohydrates are found in: sugar, sweets
  • confectionery and pastry
  • biscuits, crackers and toast. 

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