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Vitamins are important

Nowadays vitamin C undoubtedly is the most well-known of all vitamins. Almost everybody knows that fruit is a good source of vitamin C. The two most important functions of vitamin C are the formation of ‘collagen’, which is needed for the production of connective tissue (connecting muscle tissue to joints)

Warming up & stretching

Warming up & Stretching The muscle exercises selected for this website are very dynamic. Before performing these exercises it is necessary to carefully and properly warm up all the muscles, joints and ligaments. Not only does a warming-up limit the chances of sustaining injuries, it also assists the body to

Large muscles come first

Exercise the large muscles-groups first before starting on the smaller ones. This means that the large muscle-groups of the chest, legs and back should be exercised before going on to the arms and shoulders. Exercising of the larger muscle-groups both mentally and physically taxes your system quite heavily. With these

About weight training ethics

Both fitness and weight training are in essence very simple. But in this case simple does not mean easy! Using the basic exercises given on this website it is impossible to grow stronger without your body as a whole at the same time becoming more impressive. When exercising with weights

Proteins, The Building Blocks of muscle tissue

(Whey) Proteins are necessary for building up and maintaining the muscles, organs, nervous system and also for many other body processes. Children and weightlifters have one thing in common: they both grow and are therefore constantly building up new muscle tissue. Both children and sportsmen and women need extra proteins.