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  • How to perform a perfect bicep curl

    Hold a dumbbell in each hand, turn the hands inwards. Bent the arms and simultaneously, turn the hand outwards (this works the biceps at both functions: bending the arm and supination of the lower arm). At the end of the movement an extra stimulus can be given by elevating the elbow until horizontal. Note: The Continue Reading

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  • How to perform a perfect squat?

    How to perform a perfect squat? Place the bar behind the neck across the muscles on top of the shoulder blades. Stand with a neutral spine. Bring feet shoulder-width apart. Start to descent with the hips back, the upper body is allowed to move forward as this is needed to keep balance. Keep the weight centred Continue Reading

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  • Vitamins are important

    Nowadays vitamin C undoubtedly is the most well-known of all vitamins. Almost everybody knows that fruit is a good source of vitamin C. The two most important functions of vitamin C are the formation of ‘collagen’, which is needed for the production of connective tissue (connecting muscle tissue to joints) as well as for protection Continue Reading

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  • Omega 3 fatty acids for the body are like oil to an engine!

    It is important to know more about omega 3 fats and supplements. Contrary to what most people think, fats are very important and are essential for various body processes. The most important function of fat is the production of energy. Vitamins A, D, E and K can only be dissolved in fat. Fats may be of Continue Reading

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  • Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are the main suppliers of body energy.  They also add volume to a meal filling the stomach and giving you a sated feeling. Subsequently during the digestive processes the most important kinds of carbohydrates – better known as starch and sugar – are broken down to form glucose or blood sugar. Blood sugar produces Continue Reading

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