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  • Write down your goals

    If you want to make progress and be continuously motivated, setting realistic goals is one of the best motivators. Many trainees are highly motivated when they begin with a fitness program, but often give up after just a short while. In the long run the absence of clear goals hampers the development of your body. Continue Reading

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  • Free leg exercise sheets

    Download your first free leg exercise sheet! Using the basic exercises given on this website it is impossible to grow stronger without your body as a whole at the same time becoming more impressive. When exercising with weights it is important to constantly increase the amount of weight you are lifting and to always do Continue Reading

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  • The importance of rest

    The importance of rest is too often underestimated. Muscles do not grow inside the gym; they grow outside of the gym! Both under-exercising (insufficient muscle stimulation) and over-exercising (excessive muscle stimulation) are counter-productive. Continuous or even incidental over-exercising of the muscles will not strengthen them. On the contrary, it may even weaken them. Proper balance Continue Reading

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  • Why should you lift weights?

    Weightlifting is all about setting goals and exceeding your personal boundaries on a weekly basis. To become stronger, more balanced, healthy, full of life and more energetic. To bolster your self esteem and add charisma to your every day appearance. The above are all ‘side effects’ of regular exercise, working out, healthy eating habits and proper Continue Reading

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  • Vitamins are important

    Nowadays vitamin C undoubtedly is the most well-known of all vitamins. Almost everybody knows that fruit is a good source of vitamin C. The two most important functions of vitamin C are the formation of ‘collagen’, which is needed for the production of connective tissue (connecting muscle tissue to joints) as well as for protection Continue Reading

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